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Welcome to my web site and to the world of my imagination. All the paintings are reflections of my experiences whether they were in this 3D reality or in some other aspect of my multi dimensional intuitional mind. Look, ponder, question, think and wonder. I serve humankind a palete of refreshing thought forms and images. I Hope you enjoy them!


Rebecca S. Nova

A native Floridian, raised in the everglades, Nova punctuates her life through the canvas she paints using acrylic paint and colored markers.  Memories of her inner environment and travels float through her works with a defined sense of spirituality.  She proceeds in her work with a modest approach, however her work is anything but reverent. She studied art at Florida State University, when wanderlust struck and she left to pursue her fame and fortunes. Nova was lead costume designer for cult rock band Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band during their Warner Brothers tour in the 1970′s, a pastry chef and special events cake designer in the 1980′s, and creator of the World Peace Globe TM for the United Nations sanctioned project, Bethlehem 2000 for the millinium.  Growing up in the produce industry she transported it as a driver and broker for the agricultural community. Farming, transporting and feeding the people has been a way of life which requires that you make a living to live.


Nova’s work depicts her inner landscapes as well as her perceived journey through a purely feminine perspective. While Rebecca has been painting for over 50 years, her work was rarely shown until 2010. Her past has witnessed her in various spiritual pursuits, which are evident in the depth of her work that relay certain contradictions in color and content. It is these very contradictions and elemental inconsistencies that make the work appealing to more diverse audiences and illustrates a form of discontent, as well as quiet communion with the natural world.


Rebecca S. Nova currently has ten series available, all are acrylic on canvas. The first series is the “Old Master Series” series, a collection of reinterpretations of “Old Master” paintings.  The second series “Abstracts” is created to provoke light emotions and utilizes a bright color palate and undulating patterns evident in the dizzying attitude of the works. The third "Representational” series is a collection of natural vistas and objects from memory, which are studies from throughout her career. The fourth series is "Ropes” consisting of aerial views and skylines, with a focus on the separations of land viewed from above. The fifth series, "Ascensions", has imagery that is meant to represent the DNA strand, gateways, thought forms, timelines, implants and other beliefs/creations having to do with our enlightenment, evolution and the future of humanity. Having grown up and worked in agriculture she shows her discontent for todays offerings in this “Produce” series. The seventh series "Little ones" are small paintings of places, things, dreams and intuitions.  The “Elements and elementals” is the eighth series depicting the basic building blocks of 3D reality.  The "Northwoods Scream" is the ninth series and depicts animals from the Great North Woods screaming humorously at some perceived horror. Thank you Edvard Munch. Coming soon is the tenth series of ”Farm Animals” screaming about a future they are having trouble understanding.

Lets all scream for joy at the new world we are Co-creating and beginning to enter now.

See the best, feel the best and be the best that we can possibly be.

Together we can make it happen for the greatest good for all.

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